For what it's worth, I think you're wonderful

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mattkentnz: h/o ? c:

you’re great, oh man. where the heck do i even start! you’re one of the most down to earth people i know. i flipping love how were friends, even tho you left school before i even got there :P we would have been mates if you didnt leave haha you have the best heart and intentions towards people. i appreciate you immensely, i cannot wait for sound wave, im losing my tits over it man oh man oh man 

wait i was supposed to skype you :P oops , can i do it tomorrow?

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Anonymous: only if you take oneee, first

no way, no deal 

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Anonymous: Not unless you take oneee

only if you come off annoooon

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Anonymous: Yeeesss :)

come off anon?

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Anonymous: Full body selfie xx

hahahah no

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Anonymous: You're so pretty oml x

ahahah no :L who is this aw x

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Anonymous: Selfie?

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Anonymous: H/O Ashlee

ma main hoe

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Anonymous: I would like to think I do. There might be other stuff going on but you are a masterpiece

who is this

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Anonymous: I think you're one of the most beautiful people I have ever met both inside and out

you mustnt know me very well then 

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Anonymous: Are you single?


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Anonymous: Your really nice and pretty :)

im sure you’re really nice and pretty dear n.n

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Anonymous: That corset though

what about it o:

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